Brivis BCG-1, BCG-2, BCG-3 Repair
Also known as TEK322.

Repair Price: $110.00
Warranty: 12 months, extendable to 18 or 24 months.

Brivis BC-G1/BC-G2/BC-G3 Fault Codes:

LED Flashes Fault Description
1 Overheat Condition.  One of the over-temperature thermostatic switches inside the heater has gone open-circuit, indicating an overheat condition inside the heater.  This fault can also be caused by a faulty over-temperature switch.

A blown 2A fuse on the main control board can also cause a false overheat condition.  If the fuse is found to be blown, the fault will be in the 24V circuitry inside the heater.  The most common place to find a short is where the wires for the thermostat exit the heater.  All wiring exiting the heater should be protected with a grommet.
2 Overheat Lockout – The heater has gone into two consecutive over-temperature conditions and is now in a safety shutdown.  The cause of the overheating needs to be investigated by a qualified gasfitter, after which, the lockout condition can be cleared by power cycling the heater.
3 Flame Rollout has been detected.  This fault can be caused by the gas flame coming up the front of the heater and trying to burn outside of the combustion chamber.  This is a safety issue as it may lead to an uncontrolled fire inside the heater and needs to be investigated by a qualified gasfitter.  Potential causes of this fault are a cracked heat exchanger (potentially deadly, as this can allow carbon monoxide to enter your home and kill the occupants) or the grommets isolating the rollout detection rod from the chassis of the heater may have perished and are allowing the rod to short to the chassis of the heater.  This is also a safety issue as rollout detection will not work properly.
4 Rollout Lockout.  This is triggered when three successive rollout conditions have been detected within a single heat cycle.  This is a safety shutdown and the cause needs to be investigated by a qualified gasfitter.
5 No information available.
6 Ignition Lockout.  The heater has failed to ignite.  Note that this fault condition will take approximately 30 minutes to show up, and the thermostat needs to remain on and calling for heat the entire time.

This fault may also be caused by a dirty/damaged flame sensor, faulty ignition module, faulty gas valve, low gas pressure or faulty control board.
7 No information available.
8 The main gas valve solenoid within the gas valve assembly is energised when it shouldn’t be.  This fault may also be detected when there’s a poor/missing earth connection or the square 4-pin plug has been disconnected from the main control board.


Terms & Conditions – Repair/Exchange:

  • All products come with a 12 month warranty as standard and can be extended at the time of sale.  Extended warranties are available at a rate of $44.00 per every additional 6 months.  The warranty period is limited to a maximum of 24 months.
  • The warranty covers all parts used in the repair as well as the labour provided by LOGISENSE.  The warranty does not cover the labour of yourself or any third party.
  • The warranty does not cover damage caused by faulty accessories, power surges, lightning, water ingress, wiring faults or incorrect installation.
  • The customer pays all postage costs (where applicable) and should ensure that all items posted are adequately protected with bubble wrap or similar.
  • Items that have been tampered with, cleaned with chemicals, damaged by water/liquid ingress, fire, power surges/spikes, lightning or that are in otherwise poor physical condition are not generally eligible for exchange, but a repair may be offered depending on the extent of the damage.
  • There is an assessment fee of $44.00 if the item you bring/send for repair is not faulty.
  • There is no charge in the event that the repair is unsuccessful, other than return postage (if applicable).

Terms & Conditions – Advance Exchange:

  • Advance exchanges are only available to trade customers that have established a working relationship with us.
  • Faulty item(s) must be returned or shipped back to us within 28 days of the invoice date.
  • The customer is to pay any costs associated with the return of the faulty item(s) and will not be reimbursed for these costs.
  • Items that have been tampered with, cleaned with chemicals, damaged by water/liquid ingress, fire, power surges/spikes, lightning or that are in otherwise poor physical condition are not eligible for exchange.
  • Advance exchange deposits will only be refunded upon receipt of the faulty item(s) and only if the returned item(s) meet the conditions outlined above.

Terms & Conditions – Returns:

  • Reconditioned electrical/electronic parts/assemblies may be returned but will be subject to a $44.00 restocking fee. If any returned parts/assemblies are damaged, no refund will be offered.

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