Logisense offers a testing service as well as free troubleshooting advice.

The testing fee is $44.00 for up to two items.

We generally test items for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Most faults are found within 10 minutes, however some intermittent faults can be difficult to reproduce.  In these cases, we would generally suggest that you exchange your board/control module if we have stock available, as the testing service isn’t likely to be of much use in these cases.

Some examples of when you might use the testing service are:

  • If you have a control module and controller/remote but you’re not sure which one is faulty,
  • If you have a motor that you believe may have caused damage to a control board/module or are unsure if the motor, control module/board or both are faulty,
  • If you’ve purchased or collected second-hand parts and need them tested,
  • If you just can’t work out exactly where the fault is.

If one of the two items tested requires a repair and you choose to go ahead with a repair, then the testing fee for those two items is waived.  The testing fee is also waived if the item you bring in for testing was purchased from us and is still under warranty.

If you’re considering using the testing service to determine where a fault is, it’s best to call us first so that we can discuss the fault and what you’ve done to troubleshoot it.  We will offer troubleshooting advice if we believe you may have overlooked something, and in some cases, we can offer advice to get you back up and running temporarily if it is safe to do so.

If you would like to discuss the fault or have your items tested, please Contact Us.